Haz Luu

Q & A

How did you get into modeling? Was it your dream?

A friend was studying fashion & design and asked me if I would like to ‚model‘ for his graduation collection. I immediately liked it and went down that path. I decided to make more of my hobby and applied to MODELWERK.

Is there something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, but never dared to do it?

I would like to live abroad for a longer period of time.

What are you famous for with  friends and family?

For my sarcasm and humor which is famous, but not always popular…

Which rule would you never break?

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, because you don’t know what battles your opponent is having.

You love to travel. What was the most beautiful place you have ever been?

As I was born and raised here in Germany, the first visit to Vietnam, my family’s homeland, was really fascinating. I will never forget that feeling of warmth, love and connection.

Who do you look up to?

I have great respect for people who are sincere and have maintained their integrity in achieving their dreams and goals.

Do you have any secret talents we should know about?

I’m an ace at Sudoku and mental arithmetic. I would also say that I cook quite well.

Where do you see yourself in 2030?

I don’t worry about that, because first of all it always turns out differently and secondly than you think… I hope my loved ones and I are safe and sound. Everything will fall into place if you invest accordingly.

Of course I have dreams and goals, but we’ll talk to you again in 2030 and review everything.


Zodiac sign: A typical Taurus

Never have I ever: Watched the movie ‚Avatar‘ – as a movie fan

I would overdraw my account for: Not really, but if I had to answer – vacation, food and clothes

If I was an animal, I would be: A hedgehog

Would like to live in: Paris, Milan or Hanoi (preferably rotating)

First thought in the morning: ‚Thank you‘

Mountains or Sea: I feel more attracted to the water

Superhero power I would like to have: Teleportation would be cool, then I wouldn’t have to limit myself to just one location (allows spontaneous meetings with family and friends at any time)

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