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Q & A

If you weren’t one of the first german bloggers ever, what job would we meet you in today?

I would probably pursue my childhood dream and learned profession as a fashion designer. I was passionate about fashion as a child, says my mom. Unfortunately, I have never worked as a designer, so I can’t say whether I miss it… But I know that this was my goal until I started my current dream job six years ago, that I work in with loads of passion and love.

What does a typical day in your life look like? Does it even exist?

In fact, I don’t have two typical weeks in a row, that are the same. Customer meetings, events, meetings, calls, fotoshootings, videoshoots, short trips, press days, cutting videos, editing pictures, accounting, planning collaborations…. I also have my family and friends, whom I want to see in my free time. My private life also needs space in everyday life. In general, unexpected things keep coming up that completely turn a day upside down. But that’s exactly what I love about my job. No day is like the other and that is what makes it so exciting and special for me.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

LOS ANGELES! 😍 The most beautiful place in the world! There I feel a sense of happiness like nowhere else! Instantly after arriving I already rest in myself. Everything around me is so magical. In California my heart does trampoline leaps of joy.

In what way are you stuffy?

Hygiene at home. Take off your shoes, wash your hands, disinfect your cell phone and never lay down on bed with the pants you wore all day. Just the thought, causes an allergic reaction on my body. An absolute no go! I’m happy to be „Mrs. Cranky“ in that regard.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

World peace. I have the word tattooed on my finger and have longed for it since I was little and my parents explained the world to me – when I found out about wars and famine. A world without hatred, wars, hunger, racism, nuclear weapons … a dream in my head that will probably stay there, because the „Great Powers“ obviously have a different opinion with their weapons in the underground.

Real talk – how did your drivers license test go?

Well, I’ll put it this way… With a right-left weakness it wasn’t that easy. I failed my first driving test after 10 minutes, because I took someones right of way. But the second time worked out. I still don’t know how, but I love driving a car! I still can’t distinguish left and right, but so far, I have been driving without accidents (knocking on wood 3 times). My passengers know about the weakness and „there“ with an outstretched hand is then „there – left“ or „there – right“. Easy. You just have to know how to help yourself.

Who would you like to swap your closet with?

Hailey Bieber !!! Doesn´t need to be explained, I think…

Is there something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, but never dared to do it?

To laser my eyes. The thought that someone is fiddling on my open eye without general anaesthesia makes me tip over backwards … *Marina tips over*


Zodiac sign: Cancer

Never have I ever: Tried oyesters, to be honest

If I was a color, I would be: Definitely pink! A peachy peach pink.

High heels or Sneaker: Sneaker! But I also love to dress up for nights out and wear my babies.

Superhero power I would like to have: To travel in time

Teenage crush: The one and only – Usher

First tattoo: A „Chanel“ tattoo on my left arm

Favorite song at the moment: Ja Rule – Blow

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